The Impact Syndicate

Who We Are

We are a group of angel investors who catalyze early stage businesses

that do well by doing good.

Our members come from operating and investing backgrounds in civic-tech, political campaigns, government and gov-tech, climate and sustainability, healthcare, and education.

What We Invest In

  • Pre-Seed and Seed Stage Companies

  • Companies with the potential to scale high impact solutions to the world’s most pressing problems (potential to do a lot of good)

  • Companies with $1B+ bottom up TAM opportunities (potential to do really well)

  • Have working MVP and/or first client(s)

Our Value Add

Our investment comes with access to our network, all of whom are willing to chip in and help you grow your business. Places where we’ve found we add the most:

  • Narrative creation, balancing a social impact mission, and fundraising

  • Finding product market fit, scaling, and strategy

  • Building business plans and customer introductions

  • Insights into changing policy and regulatory environments